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Naagin 3 22 July Full Episode Video Written Update

Naagin 3 22 July Full Episode Video Written Update, In this episode Bela misses Yamini sliding into the room and gets confounded. In any case, later discovers that Yamini’s legs are not on the ground. Yamini is thoroughly chill about it since she needed Bela to see it. Bela is stunned and gets much more overwhelmed when Yamini uncovers she is a chudail. Yamini is extremely pleased with being a bitch… oh no sad… A witch! Yamini prods Bela to uncover her personality to everybody. On the off chance that she does that, Yamini will tell everybody that Bela is a snake, actually! Yamini challenges Bela that she can do nothing to her. Bela acknowledges the test and guarantees that she will toss Yamini out of the house. Simply then Sumitra strolls in and Bela is stunned. Sumitra clearly doesn’t see Yamini’s huge uncover in light of the fact that then what will they demonstrate later on. Naagin 3 Yamini changes back to being this hesitant lady of the hour and Bela is left fuming in outrage.

Naagin 3 22 July Full Episode Video Written Update. Rehan changes into Vish inside a room and was plotting how to make sense of additional about Yamini. Simply then Maahir and his companions jump in however discover Vish as Rehan. Rehan otherwise known as Vish looks extremely bothered. His companions take him with them for some masti and fun. They continue disclosing to him it’s his wedding over and over as though we didn’t know as of now. Yamini proceeds with her dramatization before Sumitra. She reveals to her that she is feeling the loss of her folks and is exceptionally grateful to God for giving her this family. Yamini gets the monitor to get some answers concerning a man who is associated with Bela. Wedding celebrations start at Maahir’s home. Rehan otherwise known as Vish is extremely disappointed with what is occurring. Everybody again begins discussing Adi however no one is searching for him. Odd!

Bela puts haldi on Yamini. The last prods her once more. A sulking Maahir puts haldi on Rehan otherwise known as Vish. Rehan all of a sudden calls Bela for haldi which Maahir sees and gets desirous some more. Bela uncovers to Vish later that Yamini is a chudail. Vish gets extremely frightened. She discloses to Bela that if Rehan or Vish gets hitched to Yamini, she will lose every one of her forces. Bela attempts to quiet Vish down. Vish at that point discloses to Bela that she questions Maahir is infatuated with her in light of the fact that Rehan is influencing him to damn desirous. Abruptly, Maahir bursts in and discovers Vish swung to Rehan preparing. He is flummoxed and continues asking where is Bela. The last changes into a snake and leaves the room. She changes back to Bela at the passage and returns inside the room. Maahir is stunned! (Likewise read: Naagin 3 21 July Full Episode Written Update: Yamini uncovers she is a witch, Maahir gets desirous of Bela and Rehan)

Naagin 3 22 July Full Episode Video Written Update . Yamini records Bela change from a snake to a human. The officer is thinking what to do now in light of the fact that everything is getting confounding. Andy beverages and looks extremely glad. ACP drops at the wedding unannounced making Andy irate. He asks Shekhar for what valid reason did he welcome the ACP however Shekhar instructs him to unwind. ACP expresses gratitude toward Yamini for calling him to the wedding. He reveals to Yamini that there are cops in common garments who are watching out for Bela. He guaranteed that he will uncover reality. Yamini gets extremely cheerful that she will grab Bela. Rehan otherwise known as Vish feels she needs to remain by Bela to secure her. So Vish changes back to Rehan and blends with his companions.

The quintessential move and sangeet start. Bela plots to get Yamini and Rehan on the move floor with the goal that she can execute her arrangement. She hauls them to the move floor. She at that point hits the dance floor with Rehan which influences Maahir to wreck in envy. Maahir at that point prevents Rehan from hitting the dance floor with Bela. He at that point snatches Bela near him to move. He asks her for what reason she generally feels awkward with him. They moderate move on Dhadak’s title track. (Naagin 3 22 July Full Episode Video Written Update) Everyone applauds them yet there is a great deal of pressure between them. Bella reveals to him she wouldn’t like to hit the dance floor with Maahir. Yamini and Rehan begin moving once more. Bella gets a slight cut on her finger yet she proceeds with her plotting. She tosses flower petals on Yamini who begins feeling awkward. You would think she is excited however she isn’t. Bela is simply sitting tight for Yamini to demonstrate her genuine nature.


Rehan otherwise known as Vish at that point does as coordinated by Bela. She spins Jamini seven times and Bella puts light om her each time. After each spin, Yamini’s face gets wrinkled with the light. Bella hits the nail on the head and Yamini’s genuine face gets uncovered. Bella understands that some individual is following her. Yamini attempts and shows Vish her chronicle of Bela changing into a human from a snake. Yamini at that point lets him know or her the decision is his. Yamini advises Rehan to spare her or she will uncover everything about Bella. Rehan at that point made a damaging climate to spare Yamini in light of the fact that he doesn’t have an alternative. That works in light of the fact that when the light gets, all over returns being typical.

The ceiling fixture separates and falls. Yamini attempts to tell everybody such someone’s reality is in peril. Maahir spares Bela from venturing on the broken glass. Bela gets furious with Rehan otherwise known as Vish. She asks Vish for what reason she did this. Vish enlightens Bela concerning the account. Presently they are confounded what to do and Yamini is damn cheerful about it. Yamini charms Panditji to state there are only 20 mins left for the wedding mahurat. Panditji says since the mirror broke, they have to hustle just a bit. ACP endeavors to examine Bela and inquires as to for what reason did she play with the power. He at that point mouths some poop about how Maahir adores her. Janhvi quieted him down by requesting that he continue figuring stuff since he doesn’t generally have anything to do here. Janhvi goes upstairs to get Yamini down to the mandap. While Yamini boasts at her triumph, Bela fumes in outrage.

In the following scene, Maahir and Bela endeavor to see whether there is anything fermenting between them.

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